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Florida Motor Home insurance coverage
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Motor Home Insurance in Florida

Why Do You Need Motorhome Insurance?

Motorhome insurance is required in the state of Florida if you are going to be driving the vehicle on state roads. In addition to being legally required, motorhome insurance can help protect your investment. An agent at B & G Insurance, serving Miami, FL, can help you come up with a policy that will fit your situation.

Components of Motorhome Insurance

Motorhome insurance in Florida has multiple components to help keep you protected.

  • Liability protection, which includes coverage for bodily injury and property damage, can offer you coverage if an accident is your fault. This coverage will help pay for the cost of the damages.
  • Collision coverage will help protect your vehicle from the damage that occurs to your motorhome in the event of an accident.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) provides coverage to the driver and passengers for any medical or funeral expenses. It can also cover work loss and other essential services in the event of an accident. This type of coverage is required in Florida.
  • Comprehensive coverage will protect your motorhome if you have damages that are not related to an accident, but instead, are caused by another event such as a fire or theft.
  • Contents coverage protects your property inside the motorhome if it is damaged by fire.
  • Medical Payments coverage will provide for you, family members, or passengers if they need to receive any medical treatment due to a covered crash.

Additional coverage

In addition to the required insurance, there are other coverage options you can consider for your motorhome.

  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage will provide coverage for you or your passengers that are injured in an accident with a driver that doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have the minimum required insurance. This is similar to the type of coverage you get when you choose this for auto coverage as well.
  • Towing and labor costs coverage will pay for any necessary towing, if your motorhome is disabled due to a covered event, and pay for the labor done.

Contact B & G Insurance, serving Miami, FL, to get a quote on motorhome insurance.