Surprising Things Covered by Home Insurance

At B & G Insurance in Miami, FL, we offer insurance to meet all your needs, including home insurance. Today, we explain some of the more surprising things that your homeowner’s policy may cover. 

Damage to Other Structures on Your Property

You know that your insurance covers the structure of your home. However, you may not know that this coverage also extends to any other structures on your property. 

This is covered if you have a detached garage, shed, or other type of building on your property. 

Legal and Medical Liability 

Your homeowner’s policy also covers legal and medical liability. If someone is injured on your property, the policy will cover their medical expenses. It also covers legal expenses if you are sued. 

This is also covered if someone’s property is accidentally damaged when visiting your home. 

Hotel and Living Expenses

If your home is unlivable for a time, your homeowner’s policy will cover your living expenses, including a hotel or rental and food expenses while you are away from home. 

For example, if you have a fire, your policy will cover your expenses until you can live in your home again. 

Meteorite Damage 

Your homeowner’s policy also covers falling objects, including meteorites. It’s unlikely that a meteorite will fall on your home. However, you are also covered by damage by space satellites, tree limbs, and other items that can fall from the sky. 

Personal Property Away From Home

You know your homeowner’s policy covers your personal belongings, but you may not know that your things are covered even when you are away from home. 

This coverage is typically a percentage of your overall possessions coverage, but it is there. 

Home Insurance with B & G Insurance

If you need home insurance in Miami, FL, contact us at B & G Insurance. Our knowledgeable agents are here to discuss your options and help you select the best policy for your needs.