Should Newlyweds Merge Their Auto Insurance?

Conventional wisdom says a newly married couple should merge their auto insurance into one policy to save money, but B & G Insurance in Miami, FL wants to set the record straight on that. You may have joined in holy matrimony in a beautiful service, but, in some cases, you should keep your auto insurance policies separate.

One Problem Driver Ruins the Premium Savings

Most couples save money by putting both drivers on one policy. Married people tend to live longer and drive with added care, a fact born out by actuarial research. That’s why, under normal circumstances, merging auto policies results in lower premiums.

If one driver has a DUI, DWI, or reckless driving history, a joint policy won’t save the couple money and could cost more. The reckless driver’s risky behavior results in too much risk for the joint policy, and the safe driver would see a premium increase.

Talk openly about everything before you marry, including any DUIs or DWIs you incurred. Avoid arguments like those depicted in "The Closer" when Brenda and Fritz get married without Fritz revealing his DUI convictions. Although fictional characters, the show’s writers depicted reality in those scenes. If one of you has a bad driving record, wait seven years from the date of the conviction to merge your policies.

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