Do You Need Condo Insurance For A Vacation Rental?

If you own a condo and you are planning on renting it out to people who are on vacation, you may wonder if you need condo insurance or if the condo’s property insurance will be enough coverage. It is important to protect your investment adequately, and rentals are subject to damage and other issues when they are rented out.

Finding The Right Insurance Policy For Your Condo

If you own a condo but don’t live there full time, then you should have a solid condo insurance policy. Although condo buildings will usually have insurance, they don’t cover the damage to your property. If you have condo insurance, you are protecting your assets in the event of an accident or theft. Condo insurance is also a great idea if you are planning on living in your condo. You never know when something unexpected will occur, and you don’t want to pay out of pocket for repairs or replacing your appliances and other valuables. 

Finding A Good Insurance Company

Finding the right insurance company to provide coverage is almost as important as finding the right type of coverage. If you live in or around the Miami, FL area, you should consult with B & G Insurance so you can get the proper amount of condo insurance to protect you when renting to vacationers. We have experienced professionals who know all of the nuances of condo insurance and can help you find the right coverage for your situation.

Don’t leave your property unprotected. Find the right condo insurance from the knowledgeable insurance professionals at B & G Insurance serving the resident of Miami, FL. Call or stop by the office to find out more and to get answers to your questions.