Do I need liability insurance for my boat?

At B & G Insurance, our agents understand that many people may not realize the extent of their liability when it comes to their boats and other types of watercraft. Residents who live in the Miami, FL area and spend time boating need to understand what they will be responsible for if an accident occurs.

You’re Responsible

If you are boating and an accident occurs, you may be held responsible for both property damage or injuries if any are sustained by passengers in your boat or someone else’s boat. Just like in an auto accident, if you are at fault in any way, you will be liable for any damages or injuries incurred by others who are impacted by the accident.

Financial Loss

If you are involved in any type of boating accident where damage or injuries are caused, you could face devastating financial loss if you do not have the right type of insurance in place. Most states now require watercraft insurance if you plan on registering your boat or jet ski. The liability you incur could result in personal injury lawsuits if you do not have any type of liability insurance in place at the time of the accident.

In Miami, FL, the agents at B & G Insurance are ready to assist you if you have questions concerning boat liability or other types of watercraft coverage. The agents can review any existing policy you have in place and can help you get the coverage you need to remain financially secure at all times. Call and schedule your appointment with one of our agents at your earliest convenience!