Boating Safety 101

Owning a boat can bring a lot of joy and fun into your life. However, it is also important to remember that boats can be dangerous when safety is not considered. Your insurance partners here at B & G Insurance want to help you keep yourself and your guests safe on your boat. Keep reading to learn more about boat safety in Miami, FL, and the surrounding areas.  

Life Jackets Are a Must

Your first line of defense in protecting yourself and your guests is always to provide proper life jackets for everyone on board. Some boat owners attempt to cut this corner because they do not wish to invest in quality life jackets for everyone. This is definitely a mistake. The liability risks you take by not providing proper life jackets far outweigh the investment cost. 

Proper First Aid 

As a boat owner, it is your responsibility to provide a fully stocked and up-to-date first aid kit on your boat. When you take any guest on your boat, you take on the responsibility for their safety. If someone is injured in any way on your boat, you are the liable party. You can decrease your risks of liabilities by having the proper first aid supplies in place. 

In addition to this, it is also important that you have basic first aid training as well. This will ensure that you can assist with injuries should they occur and keep an injured guest stable until you get them proper medical treatment. 

Drinking and Boating

Just like regular vehicles, a boat needs a driver that is 100% alert. It is difficult to properly drive a boat if you are intoxicated. There should always be a reliable designated driver on your boat. 

If you want to learn more about boat insurance, please get in touch with us at B & G Insurance, serving Miami, FL, and the surrounding areas.