3 Risks Of Riding Without Motorcycle Insurance

While the thrill of riding your two-wheeler in Miami, FL, is unmatched, you shouldn’t forget about motorcycle insurance while at it. Unlike vehicles, motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic. Bikes don’t have seat belts and outer covering to protect you. In other words, there is little protection between you and the ground while riding a motorcycle.  

Given that riding a bike is full of danger, it’s unimaginable to ride without motorcycle insurance. But become people will always remain people, you will still find bikers riding without motorcycle insurance. As a result, uninsured riders face the below risks.

Uncovered own losses

When you fail to purchase motorcycle insurance from B & G Insurance, you have to cater for damages and injuries from your pocket. The comprehensive and collision coverages pay for repairs of your bike when a covered peril strikes. However, without insurance, you will pay to pay for your injuries and property damage.

Be ready to pay accident costs to third parties

If you are liable for a motorcycle crash, you are required to pay for property damage and bodily injury costs to third parties. However, you can avoid going this route by purchasing motorcycle liability coverage to cover third-party losses.

Non-compliance with the law

Although motorcycle insurance isn’t required in Florida, you can still face financial claims if found negligent in a motorcycle accident. When involved in an accident without motorcycle insurance, you may lose your license, riding privileges and face other civil fines. 

While Florida is a no-fault state, this law doesn’t apply to motorcycle riders. Nevertheless, riders should consider motorcycle insurance with PIP coverage, given that bike accidents can cause severe injuries. 

Get motorcycle insurance today!

If you have been riding without motorcycle insurance, let today be the last day. Instead, be wise and contact B & G Insurance of Miami, FL, for an affordable quote.