Three mistakes to avoid when you buy home insurance

Choosing the right home insurance policy is one of the most important things you must do as a homeowner. At B & G Insurance, we offer home insurance coverage that protects homeowners financially. 

The following are three mistakes homeowners in Miami, FL need to avoid when meeting their home insurance needs. 

Getting a quote from only one home insurance provider

Shopping around and comparing quotes between numerous home insurance providers in your area is essential.

By comparing your options and researching, you can be confident that your insurance policy is competitively priced and offers you good value. 

Being unaware of the exact coverage offerings of your policy

Reading over the details is important. Don’t make any assumptions about what types of home damage will be covered under your policy.

In particular, you shouldn’t assume that your policy includes flood coverage. Flood coverage is vital for Florida homeowners and isn’t typically included in most standard home insurance policies. 

Choosing the wrong deductible amount

Be sure to consider your options regarding your deductible amount carefully.

Choosing a deductible amount that’s very low could make it so that your monthly premiums are high. However, a deductible amount that’s too high could make it difficult to afford your deductible if you have to file a claim.

Consider your budget and the amount of funds available in your emergency fund to pay a deductible to determine what the deductible amount should be on your policy. 

If you’re in the market for a home insurance policy in Miami, FL, we’d like to help. Get in touch with us at B & G Insurance for a quote on a home insurance policy.