Full-timers RV Insurance: When You Live In Your RV

If you decide to live in your RV full-time when you retire instead of using it for periodic short trips, you’ll need to contact B & G Insurance serving the greater Miami, FL area to update your RV insurance to a full-timers policy.

What is a full-timers policy?

When you live in your RV all of the time, you need to insure your RV with full coverage. That means your policy would consist of collision, comprehensive, property damage liability, bodily injury liability, and roadside assistance. It covers all of the damage that could occur to your RV plus the damage you could cause to another individual’s vehicle. You may also want to add personal injury protection (PIP) to it, so if you or your passengers get injured in a no-fault accident, you’ll still have medical coverage.

Other Reasons to Undergo an Insurance Review

When you decide to use your RV full time, you might upgrade a few things, like your microwave, convection oven, and refrigerator/freezer. Another upgrade many people make, installing solar panels, also requires upgraded insurance. When you renovate your RV, you make it worth more money. That means you need to increase your coverage, too. Without the update, your insurance will only cover your RV as it was when you purchased it.

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Contact B & G Insurance serving the greater Miami, FL area for more information about updating your RV insurance to a full-timers policy. We can help you with a policy review based on your RV updates and usage schedule. Let us help you hit the road fully insured.