Miami boaters have a lot of options when it comes to insuring their vessels

B & G Insurance is proud to be a part of the greater Miami, FL community. We offer a full range of insurance options to protect your life and lifestyle. Boaters especially have a variety of different options when it comes to protecting their vessels. 

Options available to Miami area boat owners

Below are a few of the options that are available and should be considered when selecting a boat insurance policy. While a basic policy may “get the job done” it will likely have some protection gaps which is why comprehensive policies are typically the preferred option. An experienced, registered agent will be able to review all options and assist in the selection process.

  • Protect your passengers — if an incident occurs that causes injury to yourself or your passengers, you will want liability protection.
  • Coverage for theft or damage — vandalism or theft can leave you with a financial loss that may not be covered by a basic policy. 
  • Getting your vessel to the water — trailering your vessel exposes you to risk. With a comprehensive policy, you can opt for coverage for your boat, wherever it may be. There are also policy protections available for marina and dry dock storage. 

Whether you are looking to insure a new boat or want to upgrade your current policy, now is a great time to review all of the available options!

Let’s talk boat insurance!

If you are a boat owner in Miami, we are here to help. B & G Insurance has proudly served the Miami, FL area, and we look forward to working with you, too. Call or stop by today and learn more about the many boat insurance policy options that are available in our area.