Three motorcycle safety features that could reduce insurance costs

These days, motorcycles are getting increasingly safer to ride. There are now numerous safety features you can add to your motorcycle. These safety features don’t just prevent accidents and injuries, but they can also lower the costs of your motorcycle insurance in Miami, FL.

At B & G Insurance, we like to encourage the motorcyclists we insure to do everything they can to stay safe out on the road. The following are three motorcycle safety features bikers can add to their motorcycles to stay safe and minimize insurance costs. 

Anti-lock brakes

You might associate anti-lock brakes with automobiles. However, anti-lock brakes are also being put on motorcycles now to provide more control when bikers are stopping. This helps to avoid skidding and sliding in adverse weather conditions and can prevent accidents. 

Airbag equipment

Airbags are also more associated with automobiles than motorcycles. However, nowadays, bikers can wear clothing with built-in airbag equipment that deploys instantly if an accident occurs. This equipment has been shown by research to be highly effective at preventing injuries and minimizing their severity in the event of a motorcycle accident. 

LED lighting

A lot of bikers add LED lighting to their motorcycles because they like how it looks. However, LED lighting isn’t just beneficial for appearances. LED lighting is also effective at improving visibility for bikers. 

LED lighting on a motorcycle can make riding in the dark or overcast and low-light weather conditions safer. 

If you’d like to learn more about motorcycle insurance policies available in Miami, FL, contact us at B & G Insurance. We’ll help you find the ideal motorcycle insurance policy for your needs.