5 Must-Know Facts about Flood Insurance

Flood insurance isn’t just for homeowners who live in flood zones. Any homeowner can be susceptible to flood damage, especially if you live in the Miami area. Flood insurance from B & G Insurance can eliminate the fear of losing your Florida home or valuable possessions in an unforeseen flood disaster.

The following facts about flood coverage can help you determine if flood insurance is a good investment for you.

  • Floods can occur anywhere, not just in a flood zone. In fact, it’s estimated that approximately a quarter of flood insurance claims that are made come from homeowners who don’t live in flood zone areas. Tropical storms and hurricanes are major causes of flooding, both of which are common to the Miami area. This makes almost any Miami homeowner vulnerable to flooding. 
  • Standard home insurance policies do not cover flood damage. Without flood insurance coverage, you risk paying for flood damage out-of-pocket. A major flood could cause you substantial financial loss due to water damage to your home and total loss of furniture, appliances, electronics and other valuable belongings.  
  • Flood insurance is affordable, especially if you live in a moderate risk or low-risk area. You can buy flood coverage for just your home, just your possessions, or both. Renters also can partake in the contents’ protection that flood insurance has to offer.
  • As there’s generally a 30 day “waiting period” before flood insurance is activated, it’s important to purchase your policy with plenty of time in anticipation of the rainy season in the Miami area. Having your policy in place well in advance will ensure you’re covered in the event of a flood.  
  • Flood insurance is readily available through the National Flood Insurance Program or your B & G Insurance agent in Miami, FL.  

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