Maintenance Tips for Your House This Summer

You need to perform certain tasks before the cold seasons and also before the hot seasons. These chores help keep your home safe and the people who visit it safe. At B & G Insurance, serving Miami, FL and the surrounding area, we can provide you with advice that can prevent a lawsuit, while it can also keep you and your family safe and comfortable.

Air Conditioner

You want your air conditioner functioning before the hot months begin, so you stay content indoors. However, maintaining your air conditioner may optimize the function of your cooling system, too. Additionally, servicing your unit has the possibility to prevent a fire.

Check Your Attic

Although it’s hot in the attic, you should check your attic for any dampness. You also want to check for mildew and leaks. It’s important to evaluate your attic for holes and pests as well. 

Examine Your Deck

Take a look at your deck before you start entertaining company during the warmer months. You want to evaluate each board for rotting. While you’re doing this, you should also check for any loose ones and hammer them in. This is an ideal time to reseal your deck to protect it against water. You may want to perform a water test, which is when you pour a small amount of water on your deck. Notice the results. If the water forms beads, your sealant is still intact. However, if it soaks into the wood, you need to apply it again. 

Update Your Homeowners Insurance 

Before the summer months, you need to update your homeowner’s policy. Make sure you have enough coverage and that it covers pools if you have one. 

Discover more about homeowner’s insurance policies and how to maintain your home for optimum safety by visiting B & G Insurance, serving Miami, FL, and the nearby region, by visiting our website.