Tips About How to Avoid Common RV Problems

The good folks at B & G Insurance serving the Miami, FL Metro know that RV insurance is best if you never have to use it. RV owners typically have accidents that involve hitting low overhangs, fires, tire failures, and forgetting to retract items connected to the RV.

Here are some tips about what can be done to reduce these common risks that most RV owners face.

Hitting Low Overhangs

This is a common RV accident, especially for those new to RV driving. RVs sit high up and therefore may not be able to go under as many things as another type of vehicle. It is important for RV owners to know their clearance height and not cut things too close.

A tricky problem is hitting the overhang at a gas station when the height is not marked on it. It takes a bit of practice to be able to visually see what may be too low to drive under. If it can be done safely, stop before going under something that seems too low. Have a co-pilot get outside to visually check if the RV will be able to go under the overhang.


Fires are bad in the contained space of an RV. A grease fire while cooking can easily get out of control. Fires may start from shorts in the electrical wiring, leaks of propane from the tanks, appliance failures, and problems arising in the engine while driving.

The way to reduce these risks is to always conduct a thorough safety check before going on a trip. Use a propane-sensing alarm to warn about gas leaks. Always have a fully recharged fire extinguisher nearby.

Tire Failures

RV tires are different from those used for automobiles. They are designed to be inflated to carry a certain weight load. One of the most common causes of tire failures is when they are under-inflated.

The way to avoid this risk is to know how much weight the tires are carrying. Take your fully-loaded RV, with all the passengers in it, to a truck weighing station. This will give you the total carrying weight for your RV. Then, follow the tire manufacturer’s guidelines for inflation pressure.

Frequently check tire pressure while on the road. Besides losing air, tire pressure may go up or down depending on the changes in the outside temperature.

Forgetting to Retract Items

It is very easy to forget to put the steps up, pull in an awning, or lower an antenna. People may drive off with the utilities still attached or a gasoline hose still connected. The only way to make sure to avoid these errors is to have a checklist that the RV driver runs through and the co-pilot double checks for a safe condition before driving off.

RV Insurance Review

If you need a quote for RV insurance contact your agent at B & G Insurance in Miami, FL or using the convenient online form. Each year, or more frequently if substantial things change, like where an RV is parked, it is important to get an insurance review to make sure your RV insurance coverage is adequate