Managing Commercial Insurance Across International Businesses

At B & G Insurance, we have worked with many international businesses in Miami, FL, and the surrounding area. Each of these companies works with multiple satellite offices around the world and has unique commercial insurance needs. If this sounds like you, it is essential to understand how your commercial insurance demands change depending on your business reach.

International Law Can Complicate Your Insurance Needs

Operating in multiple countries, especially overseas, can complicate your insurance needs in multiple ways. First of all, many insurance laws in different countries vary wildly from American laws. For example, some may demand higher coverage than is typical in America.

If your business operates in these countries, you need to make sure that your policies meet their legal needs. Trying to navigate these waters with multiple policies can be a major pain. Thankfully, it can be avoided if you invest in international commercial insurance for your needs.

Thankfully, International Commercial Insurance Can Help

International commercial insurance works by providing coverage that meets the needs of every country in which you operate. For example, it will carefully balance the demands of each country’s laws in a way that makes sense and which ensures that you aren’t breaking any legal precedence.

Just as importantly, this type of insurance will cover issues that occur on your many operational sites. For example, if an employee in a European country gets injured, your liability coverage will pay for their treatment and ensure that you don’t suffer from a lawsuit.

So if you operate an international business or plan on expanding, you need to contact us at B & G Insurance to learn more about international commercial insurance. We have helped hundreds of Miami, FL area businesses get the coverage that they need to avoid serious problems.