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Homeowners, Life, Collectors, Motorcycle & Car Insurance

Your Miami-area Independent Insurance Agency

B & G Insurance is a full-service insurance center providing car insurance, homeowners and life insurance, as well as insurance for motorcycles, RV’s, watercraft, and collectors. We do not work for an insurance company, we work for you. B & G Insurance, in Miami, Florida, represents a carefully selected group of financially sound, reputable insurance companies, which allows us to place you with the company offering the best coverage, at the best price to suit your needs.

We are a fully licensed insurance company with strong customer and community ties; we come to you with over 39 years of reputable insurance experience. These assets combined with personalized advice allows you to have peace of mind knowing that we have you covered, literally from head to toe!

Affordable Car Insurance

Florida residents are required to have proof of car insurance at all times. If you operate a vehicle in Miami, you'll need to have insurance coverage two reasons: 1) to protect your investment and 2) to cover your legal and financial responsibilities in the event of an accident or vehicle theft. B & G Insurance represents a wide range of A-1 rated insurance companies; we are able to get you the type and right amount of coverage to protect you, others and your vehicle at reasonable rates. Never had auto insurance before? Do you have a less than perfect driving record? Don't worry, because we work with several distinct companies, we can find the right car insurance product to fit your needs.

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Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance protects your most valuable asset! With Florida’s severe weather and the constant threat of hurricanes isn't it important to ensure that you have the right type of coverage? Homeowners insurance not only protects the physical structure of your property and the contents of your home, but it also provides liability coverage in case someone else should become injured on your property. Along with this, homeowners insurance also secures your financial responsibility to the mortgage company that financed your home purchase.

At B & G Insurance, we help you analyze your existing homeowners coverage and make recommendations to find the right amount of coverage for your home at cost-effective prices. As independent agents, we have the facility of working with several of the major insurance companies to negotiate the best possible rates for you - from basic to full coverage.

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Life Insurance

With all of the options available concerning life insurance, most consumers are confused about this type of coverage. Most don't carry it and others may fail to understand the benefits of being covered. Nevertheless, life insurance is one of the surest ways to protect and offset the financial burden placed on loved ones. The unexpected or early death of a loved one can devastate a family not to mention the financial impact it can leave behind. Here at B & G Insurance in Miami, Florida, we are able to customize a life insurance package that will give you peace of mind knowing that your family and loved ones will be taken care of in the event of death.

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Umbrella Insurance

A personal umbrella insurance policy is an inexpensive way to purchase increased personal liability limits. These policies provide up to several million dollars in liability protection above the limits on homeowners, watercraft, and auto insurance policies and kick-in when the liability on the other current policies has been exhausted. Protect all of your assets in the event of a lawsuit, including your home, car and more. The insurance agents here at B & G Insurance are capable of showing you how to protect your investments, contact us today for more information.

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Collector Automobiles

As a representative of AMERICAN COLLECTOR INSURANCE, we offer the best possible rates for your classic vehicle or vintage motorcycle at affordable premiums. Isn't safe to assume, that if it's worth collecting then it's worth insuring? B & G Insurance along with American Collectors Insurance, the nation's leader in classic car insurance products can find a plan to encompass all of your classic car insurance needs. It would be our pleasure to provide you with a quote.

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Motorcycle Insurance

Choosing the right type of motorcycle insurance is very much like your bike selection, you want insurance that will fit your needs. B & G Insurance has been serving the motorcycle enthusiast for over 39 years. We understand the need to protect one of your most valuable possessions, therefore, we offer specific programs tailored for the type of bike you own, at a competitive price. Contact the insurance specialist at B & G Insurance about your motorcycle insurance needs--we can provide you with a quote right over the phone in just minutes!

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